Preparation and Inspection Service

This service is for the property owner who will be using the property themselves and who will be advertising and arranging rentals for their own clients, therefore this would be the management package that would ideally suit your needs. We will carryout the following services:
  • Key Holding 
  • We will check the property once a week inside and out
  • Inspect the security of all windows, doors and alarm (if present).
  • Flush all toilets, run all taps and showers to clean any stagnant water and to eliminate any smell, leaving fresh water in the pipes.
  • Prepare property for owner's arrival, making up beds, putting out clean towels, etc.
  • Switch on air conditioning/heating, boiler, fridge and appliances, also switching on lights if night arrival.
  • Regular check of all electrical appliances, air conditioning/heating and light bulbs.
  • Attending any appointment set by owner at the property to receive workmen or deliveries. We will wait for up to 1 hour free of charge within this service and anything after that will be charged.
  • Watering once a week of balcony plants only.
  • Check mailbox and remove any mail forwarding to the UK if necessary.
Villa Preparation and Inspection Service